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Battleship Online

Battleship Online requires logical thinking and luck to conquer this game. You only get the victory when you destroy your enemies' warships.

Factors of success in this strategy game

Although this game contains the shooting scenery, this is a strategy game. To win this game, you have to locate the enemies' warships, then let's fire. This game is created with 3D graphics which bring the realistic experience to players. Moreover, the game music and sound effects also contribute to the success of this game.

Eye-catching graphics

This game is set up in the sea where the dangerous warships are hidden. The sea is designed with waves and rocks that look very realistic. The warships of this game are also created based on real patterns. Their size and appearance make you feel like you own real warships with small size. Although this game has 3D graphics, it doesn't take a lot of time to load data. Therefore, this game can even run on tablets or smartphones.

Attractive game music

In the Battleship Online game, the music and sound effects are considered the important factors to capture players' hearts. Tense music makes the battle even more intense. In addition, the sound when a missile is fired is also very realistic. Therefore, I recommend that you wear headphones when playing this game. From there, you will have a full experience of both image and sound.

The game rules of Battleship Online

You only win this game when you can destroy all warships of enemies. The enemy warships are diving under the water, so you can't see them. You must try to locate the position of them by shooting rockets. Your attack may miss but you need to be patient.

Hide your warships cleverly

In the beginning, you and your enemies are provided a grid where you can put your warship. The number of squares in the grid is limited, so you need to put your warship cleverly. Your warships have different size and appearance and this game allows you to rotate the warships. The smallest ship is 3 squares long and 1 square wide and the largest ship is 5 squares long and 2 squares wide. Of course, small ships will be more difficult to detect than large ships. Your enemies will not be able to see the location of your ships if they do not probe with bullets. It's best to hide your warships in a location where the enemy doesn't expect it. If you don't know how to hide your warship, you can refer to some automatic strategies in this game.

Locate the enemies' warship

In this game, you also can't see the position of enemies' warships through the screen. Now, you have to fire at a random position in the sea. If there is no warship, the game will mark that position as an empty zone. Of course, if a warship is hit, there is a mark at that position. Then, you just need to shoot around that marked position to destroy the enemy's warship. It takes a lot of time or some seconds to locate the enemy's warship which depends on your luck and intelligence.

Destroy 6 warships to get the victory

6 warships of different sizes are hidden in a limited platform. Therefore, finding these warships isn't too difficult. The player who destroys 6 warships first is the winner of this game. That's the reason why you should destroy your enemy's warships as quickly as possible. Moreover, you even can get some score when you can shoot other warships accurately. Of course, your score decreases if your enemy attacks your warship accurately.

Battleship Online game mode

In all modes, your final target is to destroy all warships of the enemy. Otherwise, you will lose this game. According to me, the classic mode is more difficult than advanced mode. Do you want to know the difference between two modes? Let's follow this description!

Classic mode

In this mode, you have no support, so it's hard to defeat your enemy. This mode requires more luck and intelligence because you have to get the victory by yourself. You need to shoot in the squares one by one until you can find the enemy's warships. This mode is for players who want to challenge their pro skills.

Advanced mode

This mode is easier than the classic mode because you can use two support items. They are radar and planes that can help you locate the enemy's warship easily. The plane can release five rockets at once which can save you time. Instead of shooting five times, you just pay 100 scores for five rockets at once. The radar is more convenient than the plane. You can locate the other warships immediately as soon as you use radar. However, it cost even 200 scores to use radar. With two support items, the game is easier for you.

Battleship Online Unblocked

This game is created with HTML5 technology, so you can even play this game on almost all modern browsers. Moreover, you can experience this game on a PC, smartphone, and tablet. Children can play this game at the school because this game is unlocked at the school. The game has realistic graphics but you don't spend much time loading the game data. This game is suitable for all players of all ages to entertain in their free time or their breaks. Besides, players don't need to pay to play this interesting game.

Tips to play Battleship Online

  • This game allows you to rotate your warship as long as there is room for the warships. Therefore, you can take advantage of this to prevent your opponent from discovering your battleships.
  • Each time you hit your opponent's battleship, you will win a certain number of points. If your battleship is attacked, you will also lose some points. After you completely destroy an enemy warship, your score increases significantly. You can use these points to buy some support to help you win this game more easily.
  • In case you don't know how to arrange a battleship in the strategy panel, let's use the automatic button. You just need to click on this button to arrange the battleship automatically. Then, choosing the suitable panel is what you need to do. However, this will also cause some risks if opponents know these automatic strategy panels.

Overall, this game is not difficult to understand the rules but it is not easy to conquer the strategies. You need to practice a lot and have many failures to get used to the strategies in this game. Are you ready to challenge yourself?