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Tiny Fishing

Introduction about this game

Tiny Fishing gives players unique experiences when fishing in the ocean. You see many different types of sea creatures after participating in this fun game.

The vast ocean is always an interesting topic developed by game makers. For example, Battleship Online and this game are both set in the open ocean. Despite having the same setting, the gameplay of these two games is completely different. Tiny Fishing is a game with leisurely gameplay and requires control skills, while Battleship Online needs your intelligence. If you only have a short break, this fishing game will be a reasonable choice.

Beautiful graphics

This game is designed with cartoon graphics. The ocean creatures are lovingly drawn, so children can also experience this game. The main character is a fisherman sitting on a small boat. He dropped his hook into the sea to catch the fish and his hook was very long. This hook can hook fish at the bottom of the ocean. Let's see how many fish you can help the fisherman catch.

Aquarium in this game

The game not only provides fishing rods for fishing, but you can also raise fish in a small aquarium. Each time you catch a new type of fish, it will appear in your aquarium. After a few minutes, you can click on them to make money. The more precious the marine life, the more money you earn.

How to catch many fish in Tiny Fishing

At the bottom of the ocean there are many different colored fish. Each type of fish will have a different value. Some types of fish can sell for a lot of money while many types of fish are very cheap. So to earn a lot of money, catching many types of expensive fish is encouraged in this game.

Catch the valuable creatures

The deeper the fish are in the sea, the more valuable they are. They even cost thousands of dollars. Especially gold fish, one gold fish can cost as much as many other types of fish combined. You can move the fishing rod left or right when it is released into the sea. The hook will be automatically pulled up, so you must quickly hook it to surrounding fish. Dexterity and agility contribute a lot in catching valuable fish.

Upgrade your equipment

To be able to catch many fish at once or catch fish in the deep sea, you need a long fishing line. You can upgrade your fishing line with the money you earn. After being upgraded, the fishing rod can reach the deepest locations on the seabed. In addition, upgrading the hook allows it to catch multiple fish at the same time. Come on, come to this game to relax.