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Battleship Minesweeper

Test your IQ with Battleship Minesweeper

Battleship Minesweeper is an intellectual game that is still loved by many people. Your task is to disclose all grid cells and avoid hidden mines.

This game is no longer strange to gamers who love classic games. Many players commented that they had to concentrate very hard to avoid opening grid cells containing mines. If you miscalculate one step, you may have to start the whole game again. With game rules related to numbers, some people will give up when they don't understand the rules of hidden mines. However, you only need a few minutes to read the rules and tips to win this game. This version of the game on our website will be more difficult than the classic version because the time to complete a level is 10 minutes.You think that this game is too difficult for you, so you can try an easier game - Battleship Online.

Battleship Minesweeper gameplay

Trust me, this game is not as difficult as you think. Numbers and mines will have their own rules. You just need to understand these rules, you can master this game. Now let's explore the purpose and necessary rules.

Target in this game

As mentioned, you must open all grid cells on the screen except those containing mines. You just need to left click on the cells to open them. Opening a cell containing mines is a must if you want to win in this game. You win this game when all the safe cells are opened.The limited timer is 10 minutes. As soon as the countdown ends and you haven't revealed all the grid cells, you will still lose. Of course, you will not have the opportunity to save game data.

The rules of numbers

Grid cells can contain text, numbers, or nothing. The numbers are the only clue to help you determine the location of the mines. There will be 8 other cells surrounding a cell containing numbers. The number of mines in these 8 cells will be the number in the middle cell. For example, the cell containing the number 2 is surrounded by 8 other cells that contain 2 mines in them. This means that any 2 of these 8 cells will contain mines. You need to use the elimination method to find cells containing mines. Numbers close together will make it easier for you to find safe cells. You can also try your luck playing this game. Good luck!