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Intergalactic Battleship

Fight off the alien invasion in this game

Intergalactic Battleship is about a fight against an invasion of alien ships. You need to identify and destroy enemy ships to win this game.

Peaceful Earth is targeted by a group of aliens. They fly spaceships from outer space to earth to invade earth. A team of soldiers is tasked with taking down alien spaceships. You will be the leader of a group of people that will position the spaceships and attack the enemy. The aliens are very smart as they have hidden their spaceships in grid cells. You also need to hide your spaceships to avoid them being destroyed. This is not only an armed battle but it is also an intellectual battle. This game has the same gameplay as in Battleship Online. You can experience that game to prove that.

How to destroy enemies' ships in Intergalactic Battleship

This time, the game's setting is the vast universe. Spaceships of different sizes appear in space. You and your opponent will have the same spaceships. Attacks are indispensable in this game.

Define the ships' position

You and your opponent must both drag the ships into grid cells. You can choose a random position so that your opponents cannot guess the position of your ships. Of course, you will have to determine where your opponent's ship is on the cell by shooting artillery shells at the cells. After that, the cells will turn red if there is a ship's location. Of course, the cell will turn green if you shoot in the wrong position. You need to destroy all of your opponent's ships before all of your ships are destroyed. This game has 3 difficulty levels suitable for many players at different levels. Beginners can try the easy level, then they can gradually get used to the medium level. Finally, when you have enough skills and proficiency, you can challenge yourself with hard mode.

Get familiar with different types of ships

There are a total of 5 types of ships with sizes ranging from small to large. The largest ship is up to 5 cells long while the smallest ship is only 2 cells long. Usually, ships with small sizes will be harder to find. When you drag ships into cells, you can rotate them by clicking the left mouse button. To shoot bullets from spaceships, you need to left click on the position you aim at on your opponent's cells. Good luck to you!