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Helix Jump

Helix Jump is considered a fun game for children but it also can challenge any adult. You rotate a tower to make a ball fall to the bottom, then you will win.

Helix Jump gameplay

The ball in this game is bouncing continuously and you won't control this ball directly. You will rotate the tower where the ball is moving on. Your target is to let the ball reach the bottom of the tower. However, there are many floors which prevent the ball reaching the destination. Don't worry because these floors always have gaps. You need to rotate the tower so the ball falls in these gaps. Besides, many challenges like walls and dangerous platforms are added on each floor. It's better to keep the ball away from these dangers. Otherwise, these obstacles can destroy your ball with one touch. The ball can be boosted if it falls through many gaps without interrupting. You also can get a boosted ball if you collect some green arrows on the floor. A boosted ball even can destroy any floors which it goes through.

Some notes about Helix Jump

This game allows you to customize things like balls, splashes and maps. When you have enough coins, you can change all the above things. You can purchase new balls, colorful splashes and interesting maps. Each new thing can bring you a new experience. When you pass a level or go through a floor safely, you will get some coins. Then, let's use these coins suitably! If you like some other fun game, don't forget to try Coreball.