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Monkey Mart

Business your store in this game

Monkey Mart turns you into a talented businessman and you need to manage and develop a supermarket. Your mission is to deliver goods to customers.

The special thing in this game is the characters because they are funny monkeys. The store is open in the deep forest so your customers are monkeys. They come to buy food and pay just like humans. You also control a funny monkey who is an employee of the store. At first, the store will be very small and have little merchandise. However, after you earn enough money, you can expand the supermarket area. From there, the store's goods will also be more diverse. Your work will also increase as the store expands. You may encounter other fun characters in Cut The Rope 2.

Your work in Money Mart

At first, you are the only person in the store, so you need to do all the work in the store. Later, when you have a lot of money, you can hire more monkey employees to reduce your work. Next, I will give some of your main tasks.

Produce and deliver goods to customers

Right next to the shelves are vacant plots of land used to grow crops and raise livestock. You will then harvest plant and animal products and place them on shelves. Customers will only buy products displayed on the shelves. So, you need to try to keep the shelves always full. For animals, you need to feed them so they can produce milk and eggs.

Solve supermarket difficulties

There will be people coming to cause trouble at your supermarket. At this point, you just need to go to them to chase these troublemakers away. Additionally, employees you have hired will sometimes fall asleep. Come closer to wake up these staff. Although you can hire a cashier, you must be the one directly handling the money and putting it into your budget.