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Uno Online

What do you know about Uno Online

Uno Online is an online card game which is inspired by a board game. Instead of using real cards, you will play with virtual cards on smart devices.

Online version

If you like card games, you may know about Uno games. This game captures many players' hearts. However, sometimes you don't have cards to enjoy this game. Therefore, an online version called Uno Online was created. This online version runs as the other online game like Battleship Online. You can experience this online card game on your PC, tablet or even smartphone. No download or installation! You just connect your device with the Internet, then click on this game and play. Of course, this game is free and suitable for all players of all ages. Many officers and students love to play this game during their break time.

Multiplayer mode

In this game, you are allowed to play cards with your friends. You and your friends will play on the same computer. The maximum number of players is 4. It means you can play single, with one or two friends. If you play single, your opponent is AI. Believe me, some AI can even defeat you, so it's better to plan a perfect strategy. With this multiplayer mode, you won't be alone. Now, let's invite and share this game with your friends!

How to get a victory in Uno Online

In this game, you can become the final winner when you get 520 points. Each time you win a round, you can receive some certain scores. The faster you finish a round, the more scores you can get.

Understand the rules of this game

You win a round when you can clear all your cards before your opponent can. At the beginning, the number of you and your opponent are the same. After that, the numbers of cards will change. In this game, you can only match the cards which have the same color or number on them to clear these cards. When you have only one card left, you must press number "1" on the screen. Otherwise, you will automatically be added two cards from the hidden card pile.

Some special cards

Besides the normal cards, this game also offers some special cards to increase the thrill of this game. Now, I will show some special cards. A Skip card can stop the next players while a reserve card can switch the game. The wild card is the most powerful because it can be placed on any card at any time. There are some other special cards waiting for you to explore. Now, let's come and enjoy this card game.