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Join a multiplayer game

Cubes is a competitive multiplayer game. You need to collect as many blocks as possible to increase your power. Attack your opponents and win.

If you feel lonely and want to join a multiplayer game, you can't miss this game. You will move the blocks around to search for available blocks. Besides, you may also have to participate in battles to compete for blocks with opponents on the platforms. The smooth movement of the blocks will make you addicted. Tunnel Rush is here if you want to experience a fast-paced game.

How to increase the power of blocks in Cubes

The numbers on the blocks are their power numbers. The blocks with the largest number will be at the top and your blocks will connect together like a snake. There will be many other snakes moving around the platform so you have to be very careful.

Collect available blocks

There are many blocks available on the platform and you just need to tap to collect them. You collect blocks with as high a number as possible. However, you must make sure your first block has a large number of available blocks that you want to collect. Additionally, you can double the numbers on your blocks by passing over platforms that contain double symbols. Naturally, some platforms contain halved symbols.

Beat opponents

Your opponent also has many blocks and you can steal their blocks. However, you must ensure that the number on your blocks is larger than your opponent's. Otherwise, you will be the one to be devoured. Your number will be increased after merging with your opponent's blocks. Can you be the king of this game?