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Suika Game

Welcome to the world of fruits

Suika Game provides many kinds of fruits to you and your mission is to merge them. The infinite cycle of these fruits challenges any pro player.

Are you a big fan of fruits? If yes, this game is your heaven because many kinds of colorful fruits appear in this fun game. The biggest fruit is a watermelon while the smallest fruit is a cherry. A big watermelon can turn into a small cherry if you get the rules of the fruit cycle in this game. The game has simple graphics with cartoon style, so I'm sure children will love this game. Moreover, the addictive gameplay of this game also can capture any adult's heart. This game and Battleship Online are available on our site. You just need to enter this game on the browser and experience the world of juicy fruits.

The rules of fruits cycle in Suika Game

Suika is a traditional board game in Japan and this board game has a fruit theme. The players will hit some watermelon while they are blindfolded. Although this online game has the same theme, the game rules are different.

Merge fruits to create new fruit

The game offers a container to you and drops the fruits into this container. The difficult point of this game is the limited area of the container. Therefore, you need to create as many small fruits as possible. When two identical fruits touch each other, they will automatically turn into a new fruit. You can see the fruit cycle on the screen. You are allowed to choose the position to drop the fruit into the container. Thus, you need to think carefully before dropping the fruits.

Get many scores in this endless game

Each time you create new fruits, you can get certain scores. You can even put your name on the leaderboard if you can get a high score. Of course, you may take a lot of time and effort to gain this achievement. Don't forget that this game is endless, so try to last this game as long as you can. Many players recommend this game as the best entertainment game in their free time. How about you? Can you play and give us your feedback?