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Red Ball 4

Save the friends and the world in Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is about the adventure of a ball who wants to save his friends. Moreover, he needs to be on this adventure because the world is in danger.

This game is the fourth part of the Red Ball series which continues the journey of the main character - a red ball. Red Ball lives in a peaceful hometown with his friends. However, one day, some bad squares come and capture his friends. These squares want to change the world into squares. This is impossible because the red ball decided to defeat these squares. He is on a journey to save his friends and beat the square boss. Now, you will support him to overcome many deadly obstacles and traps in this 4th part.

How to play Red Ball 4

This adventure game doesn't have the same gameplay as Tiny Fishing. Instead of moving the hook, you need to control the red ball directly. On the way, he has to face many challenges and solve some puzzles to overcome some traps.

Avoid touching some dangerous objects and enemies

Some sharp objects in this game can kill your red ball. You only touch these objects; your ball will lose one life. That's the reason why you should stay away from these deadly objects. Besides, you may encounter some enemies on the way. It's better to jump over them to keep the main character safe. However, you also can jump the red ball on these enemies to kill them.

Take advantage of some objects

Besides the dangerous objects, you may see some support objects. For example, you can jump on some wooden boxes to reach a high position. Sometimes, how to use these support objects is a hard puzzle in this game. Now, it's time to play this challenging game.