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Slice Masters

About Slice Masters

Slice Masters gives you an exciting experience where you can use a knife to cut everything. Tumble the knife to the finish line to complete a level.

This is an interesting game because it has very special rules. Instead of controlling a character like in Papa's Cheeseria, you'll bounce a knife that can cut anything. You need to bounce this knife to the end of the path to complete the mission. Of course, you need to keep in mind that the knife can be destroyed or stopped if it hits traps or falls to the ground. This game seems easy but it will be very difficult in later levels.

How to play Slice Masters

Slice all objects in Slice Masters

This sharp knife can cut anything it touches. Each time you slice an object, you will receive a certain amount of money back. In this game, you can use this money to unlock many new knives. You need $5,000 to randomly unlock a weapon. Therefore, you need to try to cut as many objects as possible.

Avoid traps

Mixing objects, there will be traps that you need to avoid. They can cause your knife to be destroyed and the game over. So, you need to try to avoid these traps along the way. These traps may move in some parts of the road so you have to be very careful. Good luck!