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Magic Cat Academy

Description of Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy is a fun fighting game that requires you to battle many ghosts. Your quick finger is necessary in this challenging game. Good luck!

Do you love arcade games? If so, you won't be able to ignore the game Magic Cat Academy. With cartoon graphics, cat characters and ghosts all very in love, this game is suitable for children. With simple gameplay, you only need a few minutes to pass a level. Besides this game, you can also become a food store employee in Papa's Cheeseria.

Magic Cat Academy gameplay

Fierce ghosts have appeared and want to take over the academy. They attack the animals in the academy. You need to try to defeat these ghosts and save everyone in the academy.

Hit the ghosts

Each ghost has special characters on its head. These characters are the only way to destroy these ghosts. You just need to draw these characters, the ghost will be defeated immediately. There will be many ghosts attacking you at the same time, so you need to try to defeat them as quickly as possible. Some ghosts even have multiple characters on their heads that require your quick drawing skills.

Pass many levels by beating bosses

Each level has a strongest boss that will appear at the end of the level. You need to attack these bosses multiple times to get them defeated. You have to be very quick because the boss's speed will be very fast. There are also a lot of characters on their heads, so you will have to put in a lot of effort.