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Tunnel Rush

Experience high speed in Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is considered one of the most difficult games in the world of fast-paced games. Realistic viewing angles and colorful tracks make this game unique.

You think the character in Tomb of the Mask moves at high speed. However, you will change your mind after participating in this game. The speed of movement in this game can make you dizzy. Instead of controlling a specific character, you will directly move in a first-person perspective. If you play on a big screen, you can feel like you're actually running along the way. The game has a colorful path, but this color makes it difficult for you to focus on moving.

Move as far as possible in Tunnel Rush

This game has no end and you will only stop when you hit obstacles. Your speed is fast so you also need to react quickly. In this game, the dangers will come from red obstacles. These obstacles can move and you have to guess the direction of movement of these obstacles. Once you know their direction, you can know how to move to avoid them. This game not only offers colorful tunnels but you also have the opportunity to move in space. The path to outer space is very narrow and has many red obstacles. Let's enjoy this game that can even improve your control skills.