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Papa's Cheeseria

Experience this addictive game

Papa's Cheeseria is an amazing restaurant cooking game where you will become a fast food restaurant character. You will make a lot of sandwiches for customers.

You are a singer preparing to open a music show. You decide to bring the musical instruments you have to the music show venue. You move these instruments with a valve. You come to find Papa Louie to talk about his music show and park your car outside the door. However, something unfortunate happened to you. Your musical instruments have been stolen and show time is coming up. You also don't have enough money to buy new musical instruments. So, Papa Louie decided to hire you to help you make money. Your fast food restaurant job starts here.

Start your job at Papa's Cheeseria

You are new but will be trained carefully. However, if you already know how to play, you can skip this train. There will be many customers coming to your store in a day, so your operations must be quick.

Make sandwiches

You need to choose the right type of sandwiches that customers want. Next, you will choose the toppings that have been copied down into an order note. You need to add the toppings in order. The sandwiches are served with some snacks. Please select the snacks that the customer has ordered.

Play some mini-games

This game will bring you a few mini-games. You can experience mini-games to earn some rewards. These games will help you avoid boredom when you have to serve sandwiches to customers every day. You can also try other games like Cubes on our website.