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Super Mario Bros

Mario's journey in this game

Super Mario Bros is an adventure game with a classic style. You will help Mario rescue the princess captured by evil forces in this game. Have fun!

Mario is a familiar game character in the gaming world. This character became the main character in many adventure games. Now you can experience the classic version of Mario's journey. With retro graphics, this game will bring a feeling of nostalgia to players. You have the opportunity to experience many worlds in this game. You will encounter many enemies and obstacles along the way. If you love 3D graphics games, you may like Intergalactic Battleship.

Super Mario Bros game rules

This journey always contains many thorns. Mario needs to reach the finish line to be able to complete a world. You won't have much of a chance to continue your journey if you run into too many enemies or obstacles.

Defeat or avoid enemies

In this game, you encounter very dangerous enemies and I will present a few outstanding enemies for you to deal with. You will meet many mushrooms and turtles. They can move very fast and will attack you as soon as they touch Mario. You can jump over these enemies or jump on them to take them down. You only need to jump on the mushroom's head once to defeat them. However, you will have to jump twice on the turtle to destroy it.

Collect some items

In this game, there will be many support items for you and they are hidden in secret blocks. Mario can use his head to break these blocks and get these support items. In addition, you can also find gold coins after destroying blocks.