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Tomb of the Mask

About Tomb of the Mask

Tomb of the Mask is a fast-paced game where you take a small character to overcome a giant tomb. Many obstacles can kill the main character along the way.

This game has colorful neon graphics but the details are very simple. In addition, the game offers two different modes for players to choose from. Let's learn more about these two modes in detail.

Map mode

This mode is designed with many different maps and each map is counted as a level. You need to control the character to go to the exit to complete a level. Each map will have different difficulties and tomb designs. With this gameplay, the game will be easier because the journey will be divided into small maps.

Arcade mode

This mode is also called endless mode. You won't need to unlock levels, you can just move as far as possible. You only have one chance in this endless journey. There is no destination so you need to keep your character safe as long as possible. Besides this game, you may like some other games such as Basket Random which also has two modes.

How to play Tomb of the Mask

Tombs include deadly corners and obstacles. You need to find a way up quickly. Corners may prevent you from moving up. In addition, you also need to pay attention to blue obstacles because they can kill the main character. Blue spikes can appear by default on the path or they can hide in platforms. These hidden obstacles only appear when you touch them. Besides, some blue monsters can also cause you to lose. Therefore, at all costs you need to stay away from these dangers. The game becomes more intense when the water level is rising in the tomb and you cannot stop for too long. If the water level reaches your character, the game will also end.