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Raft Wars

The plot in this game

Raft Wars is a shooting game where calculation skills are very important. You need to shoot at the enemies from a very far away position. Have fun!

The main characters of this game are the two brothers Simon. Simon is a 3 year old kid and he loves playing on the beach. One day, Simon was shoveling sand on the beach and he dug up many diamonds and gold. Simon's family decided to buy this beach because it could contain a lot of treasure. Simon's discovery of the treasure became famous and was reported in the newspaper. The pirates knew that so they went to Simon's home shore. They want to rob the treasure on the beach. So, the battle between the Simon brothers and the pirates happened.

How to defeat bad guys in Raft Wars

In this game, not only evil pirates but also some greedy neighbors want to rob Simon's treasure. The two brothers will fight to defeat all greedy enemies. Let's see how to attack your opponents and make them retreat from Simon's shores.

Aim and shoot at opponents

The two Simon brothers and their opponents will stand at a distance. You can't see pirates on a screen. First, the game allows you to see the positions of your opponents and their strategies. Next, you can only rely on your memory to fire the cannon. You and your opponent will take turns attacking the enemy until one of the two teams is completely defeated. Based on the position you see, you need to adjust the shooting angle and shooting force accordingly.

Upgrade weapons and equipment

You can upgrade your boat with large amounts of money. Every time the boat is upgraded, it will be designed to avoid opponents from hitting you. In addition, the number of members in your team will also increase. Thus, when a team member is defeated, other members will replace him. Besides upgrading your boat, you can also buy additional weapons such as grenades and rockets. Your gun's default ammo is tennis balls but you can also replace them with grenades or rockets. Grenades and rockets will cause more damage to opponents than tennis balls. You can knock out an enemy with one hit when you can push them into the water. For more fun game, you can try Battleship Online.