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Merge Fruits

Welcome to the exciting merging game

Merge Fruits is a fun game with many colors of berries. You can merge similar berries. There is a cycle in the game to create more space in your container.

This is a game inspired by the Suika game, a traditional Japanese game. You will see berries appear in this game. As long as they touch each other, a new fruit will appear in this game. Later, the fruits will gradually get larger and take up more space in your container. When your container is full and one fruit falls out, the game will end immediately. So, you can combine the biggest fruits together and turn them into the smallest fruit. This is the rule of this game. If you like some merging games, you can try Infinite Craft where you can combine many factors together.

How to make as much space as in Merge Fruits

You only have one container with a limited capacity while the number of berries is endless. You have to constantly merge fruits together to create more space in the container. This is an endless game so you will play until a fruit falls out of the container. With bright colors, this game is suitable for many children during recess at school. You can play it online on the website. Similar berries touching each other will create a new berry. So, your task is to choose suitable locations to drop the berries into the container. You need to be tactful and understand the circumstances after the berries are dropped. You just need to swipe the mouse to move the fruits. When the fruits are dropped into the container, you can move them.