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The special features of Coreball

Coreball is a classic game with simple gameplay and graphics. However, it's still very famous around the world and is a challenging game for many players.

Simple graphics and background

This game is one of the games that has simple graphics. You only see some small balls which move around a big ball. This big ball is called a core ball. The background is designed with black. When you pass a level, the background will turn green. However, if you fail in a level, the background will change into red. Because of simple graphics, many students and officers love this game. They don't need to take a lot of time to load the game data. Besides this simple game, you may love another game with eye-catching graphics called Battleship Online.

Many hard levels later

When you can easily pass first levels, you think this game is easy. However, you may change your mind when you experience the later levels. There are more small ones you need to shoot on the core ball. Besides, the rotating speed of the core ball also increases quickly. Sometimes, you can even guess the direction of the rotating core ball. Then, you must try a hard level many times.

Ways to pass the level in Coreball

In this game, you need to shoot the small balls on the rotating core ball on the screen. In each level, the number of small balls are different. Your fingers must be quick and reflex quickly to shoot accurately.

Shoot small ball into the space

Size of the core ball doesn't change through the levels while the number of small balls usually increases. Therefore, shooting the small ball into the space of the core ball isn't an easy mission. You need to estimate the distance between the balls and shoot quickly. Besides, you also need to spend some seconds observing the movement of the core ball.

Avoid the available balls

On the core, there are some available balls which are defaulted on it. When you place the small balls on the core ball, you need to dodge these available balls. Otherwise, you will lose this game and restart the level. You only take some minutes to understand the game rules but it takes a lot of time to conquer this game.