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Tap Tap Shots

Play simple basketball online

Tap Tap Shots is inspired by basketball but it is designed with simpler rules. You just need to tap on the screen to throw the ball into the basket.

In this game, instead of you controlling the basketball player like in Basket Random, you will directly bounce the ball by tapping on the screen. The gameplay of this game is also simplified as the complicated rules of basketball are no longer there. Your ultimate goal is to score as many points as possible by bouncing the ball into the basket. Cartoon graphics and easy-to-understand gameplay will capture the heart of any player.

Get as many points as possible in Tap Tap Shots

This is an endless game as it will not hold tournament matches. You will play this game until you cannot get the ball into the basket within the allotted time.

Shoot the ball into the basket

Each time you tap on the screen, the ball will bounce once. You need to skillfully bounce the ball so that it gets closer to the basket. Then, make a dunk to put the ball into the basket. Each time the ball is thrown into the basket, you will receive one to two points. The time to throw a ball is limited to only a few seconds, so you need to act quickly and accurately. You can get many points if you throw the ball into the basket quickly.

Be on top of the leaderboard

When you score a high score, your name can appear on the leaderboard of this game. Believe me, to do this, you must have better skills than any other player in the world. It's time to challenge myself.