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Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout is a shooting game where you must use both control skills and agility. The first person to reach the finish line will be the winner.

Some information about Getaway Shootout

If you want to experience an exciting shooting game, you cannot miss this game. With familiar finishing gameplay, players can quickly get used to the rules and obstacles in this game.

Two modes in this game

This game has 2 modes including single player mode and 2 player mode. So, you can invite your friends to join this game. The two will become rivals and try to compete to reach the finish line early. You can also experience single player mode. Alone, you will face off against players from all over the world.

Graphics and sound effects

Different from the 3D graphics of Battleship Online, this game is designed with classic retro graphics. The characters in this game are also quite special because they cannot move quickly. In addition, sound also creates success for this game. The sound of gunfire or character voices all make the game more realistic. Moreover, with retro graphics, you only take some seconds to load game data.

How to win Getaway Shootout

You transform into a character in a strange race. There will be many opponents appearing in the race and they are also very skilled. Winning this game will not be easy because of these strong opponents.

Reach the destination first

When you start, you'll see your destination announced. The destination can be a truck, choppa, etc. You need to travel a rough road to reach your destination. On the way, you will face enemy attacks or dangerous traps. You need to skillfully dodge attacks and jump over traps. Your time is limited because opponents are always moving forward. You just need to slow down for a few seconds, your opponent can become the winner. To win overall, the player must win as many rounds as possible.

Grab weapons and support items

The path not only has dangerous traps, but also weapons and support items. Some weapons that help you attack enemies such as guns, knives, axes, etc are very useful. When you defeat an opponent with a weapon, they will have to return to the checkpoint and start their journey again. Support items like aid kits will help you increase your HP. Try to pick up these items because they will help you a lot in your victory. For more fun game, let's try Battleship Online.