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Basket Random

Introduction an online sport game

Basket Random is an online sports game for everyone in the world. You need to get more points than your opponent to get the victory in this game.

You don't like some intellectual games like Suika Game because you are a big fan of sports. What is your favorite sport? You can skip this online game if you are interested in basketball. This online game brings the thrilling tournament to you. You have to compete as the champion with many powerful opponents in this game.

Some other information about Basket Random

This game turns you into a pro basketball player because you need to control two teammates at once. Moreover, the characters of this game also can't move as smoothly as in an action game.

Get 5 score before your opponent can do

To complete a round quickly, there are only four characters in the tournament. To win a round, the team must gain 5 scores first. One dunk into the basket is considered 1 point. Now, you need to move the character forward and backwards to pick the ball. Then, let's come close to the opponent's basket and throw the ball. You can control the character move forward or backwards by clicking the keyboard or tapping on the screen.

Two modes

This game allows you to play it with another friend in 2-player mode. You and your friend will become opponents in the tournament. If you play this game alone, let's select the 1 player mode. Your opponent in this mode is an AI or another player from the world. What mode do you want to choose? Despite your choice, don't forget to introduce this game to your friends.