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Vampire Survivors

Enter the battle between warriors and monsters in this game

Vampire Survivors is an endless survival game where you have to face many different types of monsters. You need to upgrade your hero to destroy these monsters.

You transform into a powerful warrior with superhuman skills. You are lost on a strange island with no people living. Millions of monsters have learned of your existence and they want to attack you. A tense battle between heroes and monsters broke out. You are alone while the number of monsters is limitless. You only stop this game when your character runs out of HP. This endless game is addictive for any player thanks to its simple gameplay and retro graphics. There is another game that also has retro graphics. That game is called Super Mario Bros.

How to kill monsters in Vampire Survivors

To be able to defeat any enemy, you need to perform the following two steps. First, skillful movement plays an important role in your success. Next, always accumulate Exp to upgrade characters and unlock skills.

Control the character

The hero can automatically launch attacks so you just need to try to move him. You must make sure that no monster can touch your character. As long as they touch your hero, his HP will decrease rapidly. In addition, you also need to find safe locations where attacks still hit enemies. You can use arrow keys or move the mouse to control the character.

Upgrade the character and unlock new skills

When some monsters fall, energy gems will drop. You need to pick up these gems to increase Exp because new skills will be unlocked with a full energy bar. Each time you upgrade, you will have 3 choices so make a wise decision. Also, destroy the torches as they contain many useful items. Good luck!