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Capybara Clicker

Capybara Clicker is loved by many gamers worldwide for its simple, idle gameplay. Your goal is to create as many capybaras as possible in this game.

Click to create new capybaras

This game does not require control skills or quick reflexes like Geometry Dash 3D. However, you need to have enough patience to upgrade and create a lot of capybaras. Each click of your mouse will create a certain number of capybaras. Of course, you have to click on the big capybara in the middle of the screen to play this game. With peaceful gameplay, you can relax without thinking strategically in this game.

Guide to play Capybara Clicker

Capybaras are created for their intended use. You can unlock many weather types and skins of capybara. Additionally, you can use small capybaras to upgrade your tools.

Upgrade tools

This game allows you to purchase tools that support your clicking. The more expensive the price, the more the click power will be increased. Additionally, you can also buy auto-click. This means you no longer need to click manually. What you need to do now is buy upgrades. This game offers a list of upgrades that are quite expensive.

Unlock weather and skins

When you reach a certain number of capybara, the game will automatically unlock some skins and weathers. After they are opened, you can go to the main menu to choose the skins or weather you want. There are a total of 16 skins for you to choose from. Have fun!