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Fish Eat Fish

Undersea adventure in this game

Fish Eat Fish is a fun game where you need to try to thrive and survive in the aquatic world. Can you become the biggest fish under the sea in this game?

The undersea world has many types of aquatic life that you can explore. These creatures are great hunters and you will become a little fish. Other sea creatures may attack you if you are too weak. Now you must absorb creatures smaller than you so you can increase your strength. When you become big, many large sea creatures can become your food. Besides this game, you will probably love another entertaining game like Slice Masters.

How to be bigger in Fish Eat Fish

Only by becoming strong can you survive in the ocean. Your mission is to eat creatures smaller than your fish to increase its size. The bigger your fish, the richer its food.

Eat as much fish as possible

Your fish's food is creatures smaller than it. Each time it eats a creature, its size becomes slightly larger. Your fish can absorb food continuously without fear of being full. Your task is to move it to the food location. Sea creatures always swim forward, so your fish also needs to move continuously.

Be careful with your enemies

When your fish is small to medium in size, it can become a meal for larger fish. Therefore, you need to avoid being attacked by larger fish. In addition, underwater hunters are also a threat to you. They have weapons and are ready to catch any kind of fish in the sea. Try to stay away from approaching dangers.