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Traffic Jam 3D

Drive on the road in this game

Traffic Jam 3D is a 3D game that allows you to drive a car on busy roads. With many different modes, you will have memorable experiences on the road.

To be able to drive, you need good control skills and quick observation of the situation. This game will hone your above abilities. You can experience this game in first person or third person by pressing the C key. With realistic graphics, cars or roads bring a realistic feeling to the player. Driving in this game will be much easier than driving in real life. What you need to do is navigate the car to avoid collisions with other vehicles. If you love peaceful games, you can experience Merge Fruits.

Modes in Traffic Jam 3D

This game has 4 modes with different features. However, you must ensure that the vehicle does not crash in all four modes. The four modes include career, infinite, time against and free. Infinite and free modes have some similarities. They do not give you mandatory tasks so you can drive as you like. However, you can only earn money in infinite mode. Career mode gives you many levels with different tasks. For example, you must travel 4km on the road in more than 1 minute. You need to move as far as possible in time against mode because the time of this mode is limited.