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Crossy Road

Experience the game of crossing the road

Crossy Road is a chicken's dangerous journey as he has to cross busy roads. With just one small mistake, the chicken can have a fatal accident.

Our main character is an animal that wants to cross the road. However, there are so many vehicles moving on the road that it is difficult to cross the road. These vehicles will not stop, so every action of the chicken must be very careful. With simple 3D graphics, gameplay is the main factor that attracts players. This endless game will challenge every player's limits. If you don't have much time to play this game, try the game for busy people - Capybara Clicker.

Guide to play Crossy Road

You can see many vehicles on the road and the chicken needs to cross these roads. While moving, you also can collect some coins on the way.

Cross the road

You need to find the spaces on the road to cross because the vehicles are too many. Don't stop in the middle of the road because the vehicle can crash your character. The pavements aren't the safest, so keep your character moving continuously. Sometimes, your character also needs to cross the river. To overcome the river, you just control the character and jump on the logs floating in the river.

Collects coins

The coins are found on the pavements and they're useful for you. However, they aren't necessary to conquer this game. In this game, you will use these coins to unlock new characters. Sometimes, you receive some gift and you just press the spacebar to open these gifts.