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Dynamons 7

Are you ready for the battle of the dynamon trainers?

Dynamons 7 is an interesting game where you may need strategies. You are a trainer who needs to train dynamons to participate in battles. Good luck!

Trainer wars have begun in this game. Trainers do not fight directly with each other, but their dynamons will fight with each other. When a dynamon runs out of health points, it will be defeated. The special attacks of high level dynamon will have more damage. After winning matches, you will receive trophies from your opponents. Therefore, competition will be necessary in your journey. You may like some idle games such as Idle Farm on this website.

What you need to do in Dynamons 7

In this game, there are two main things you need to complete. They build your team and battle with other opponents.

Build your team

Your teammates will be dynamons. You need to create for yourself a team with enough dynamons with different elemental powers. You need to use a special camera to capture wild dynamons along the way. You will then train them so they can fight other dynamons. Try to level up the dynamons by letting them participate in battles. As soon as their Exp is full, you need to immediately upgrade the dynamons.

Join the competitions

During your journey, you will meet many other trainers and you need to fight them. This helps you earn a lot of EXP and collect various loot. In addition, you can also join the battle with wild dynamons to capture them.