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Idle Farm

Own a farm in this game

Idle Farm provides you with a large farm where you can grow different plants. Then, you need to harvest the products to earn as much money as possible.

Farming is a fun activity that can help you relax. However, it's hard to go to a real farm around your house, so why don't you enter the virtual farm in this game? In this game, you can see green grass, tall trees, and many farm equipment. Now, you can forget all the stress and turn into a hard-working farmer. Because this is an idle game, you can hire a manager who helps you complete farm work. Then, you just need to manage and upgrade your farm. This game also allows you to expand your farm when you get enough coins. Besides this game, you also can release your mind with Fish Eat Getting Big.

Your work in Idle Farm

At the beginning, you need to work hard to earn many coins. However, after you can earn many coins, your work becomes idle. You even don't need to play this game but you still get the coins.

Harvest the product

Before you harvest the product, you need to grow some plants first. In this game, the main kinds of plants are corn, wheat, and tomatoes. Each field is grown the different plants and you need coins to unlock these fields first. There are some harvest vehicles on the field and you need to click on them to activate them. You play for a long time, then you can unlock many new crops.

Hire more managers

When you have enough coins, you don't need to harvest the crops by yourself. You can hire a manager for each field. The manager will help you harvest the crops automatically. Then, you have more time to upgrade the farms and managers. Don't forget to complete some missions to get a chest which can bring many useful cards to you.