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Fish Eat Getting Big

The hunt begins

Fish Eat Getting Big is an exciting hunting game where you will become a little fish. You need to become big to be able to attack other fish in the sea.

Are you curious about life under the sea? This game is about the hunt of fish in the sea. At first, you are just a small fish at the bottom of the sea. To increase the size of your fish, you need to help them eat as many sea creatures as possible. Are you ready to experience life under the ocean? You can experience another game with the same gameplay such as Fish Eat Fish.

How to play Fish Eat Getting Big

Are you ready to become a fish in the ocean? Next, I will show you how your fish can become stronger. The mission of this game is to try to become the biggest fish in the ocean.

Eat as many small fish as possible

Each fish has a number on its head. These numbers represent the strength of the fish. You can only eat fish whose number is smaller than your number. However, you need to avoid touching fish whose numbers are larger than yours. Otherwise, you will become food for larger fish. The higher the power index, the more foods the fish will eat.

Invite your friends to play

This game allows up to 3 players on the same computer. So, you can invite two friends to join this game. Each person will control a fish and you will become teammates. Each person will try to become bigger. This game will end when your three fish are eaten by another big fish. You can use the mouse, WASD or arrow keys to control the fish in turn. Good luck!