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Egg Adventure

Welcome to Egg Adventure

Egg Adventure is a puzzle adventure game that requires you to solve some puzzles. You need to help an egg to go through the exit door. Have fun!

This game is designed with cartoon graphics which is suitable for all players. In this game, the egg is in the adventure and he has to face many enemies. Many puzzles are provided and you need to solve these puzzles to help the egg reach the exit door. Many levels have increasing difficulty. You should observe situations to find the solution in this game. If you can't solve puzzles at some level, you can ask your friends. You also need to solve the problem, you should try Shape Shifting.

How to pass levels in Egg Adventure

You need to go through the exit door to complete a level. The egg is solid, so it can't break easily.

Solve the puzzles

In this game, the puzzles prevent the egg from touching the exit door. You need to draw the lines to lead the egg to the exit. However, you need to find a way to draw suitable lines. Many other objects block the egg's exit. You should draw the line to avoid the objects here. The level is more challenging, and you may take some time to find the solution.

Dress up the character

In this game, there are many beautiful skins and they are locked. You can complete some levels to unlock these skins. You also can watch some short ads to use these skins. Then, you can choose the unlocked skins for free. Now, let's come to this game and try these unique skins.