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Shape Shifting

Test your agility and reflex

Shape Shifting can bring much fun to you because of its attractive graphics. In this game, you need to shift the shape of character to overcome challenges.

You join in a race in this game and you need to get the first to complete a level. Many other opponents also participated in this race, so you must try your best to get the victory. In this game, the character can change the shape depending on the terrain of the race. Your mission is to choose a suitable shape to overcome the challenges easily. This game has very simple graphics which design the stickmen as the main character. The game has many levels, so the races of later levels are more challenging than the first levels. If you want to join some adventures, you can experience Grapple Pig.

How to reach the destination in Shape Shifting

In this game, you need to control a stickman to go to the finish line. Many parts of the race are designed with different terrain to cause challenges to players.

Change the shape

In each race, you can change the shape of the main character by clicking on the shape on the screen. You need to choose a suitable shape for the different terrain. For example, you need to shift into a helicopter when you have to face high objects. If you have to move on the water, let's change into a boat. In this game, you need to observe the terrain and quickly click on the suitable shape.

Upgrade the shapes

In this game, you also can upgrade the shapes with your money. You can earn money by winning the race. You can upgrade the speed of each shape if you have enough money. Therefore, you should earn as much money as possible in this game. Now, are you ready to join this race with many different shapes?