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Grapple Pig

Enjoy the special adventure in this game

Grapple Pig is an interesting adventure of a pig with a long leash. The pig has to face many challenges and enemies in his journey, so you need to help him.

Adventure games usually capture many players' hearts because of their attractive gameplay and beautiful graphics. Now, I want to introduce a fun adventure game that has a special character. This game is designed in Scratch but its graphics can surprise you. With retro style, this game brings you to the video games of the past. The main character of this game is a cute pig who is strong and brave. Your mission is to help this pig move forward and reach the destination in a certain time. This game reminds me of another puzzle adventure game called Hero Pipe where you need to help a hero overcome many traps.

How to play Grapple Pig

You only win this game when the pig reaches the destination in a limited time. On the way, you need to keep the pig away from many dangers. Otherwise, the pig will lose his health points.

Be aware of monsters

There are many enemies on the way such as spiders, turtles, etc. These monsters can attack your character and you can find them anywhere. Moreover, some ghosts even can chase your character. You can avoid these enemies or attack them. The leash can be used as a weapon to kill enemies on the way. You also can try to avoid touching these enemies to keep the character safe.

Collect treasures

There are many treasures in the boxes. Your character can run by his legs but he can use the leash to move. You just need to choose the position to stick the arrow on the leash. Then, the pig is pulled to that position. Collecting the treasures is good but it's required to complete your mission. Therefore, you can skip some boxes to reach the destination as quickly as possible.