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Hero Pipe

Let's help the hero in this game

Hero Pipe is a puzzle game where you have to connect pipes together to carry water. You need to help the hero rescue the princess and defeat the monsters.

Heroes will not directly fight enemies in this game. You will help the hero lead water to the enemy's location because water can defeat all enemies. This game requires you to carefully observe complex water pipes and connect them together properly. You will meet familiar heroes again in this game. With different missions, this game will not make you bored. You can also experience different games such as Traffic Jam 3D on our website.

How to pass levels in Hero Pipe

Your mission is not only to lead the water to the monster's location, but you also need to save the princess. The beautiful princess was captured by a monster and she is very tired. What do you need to do right now?

Defeat enemies

After some levels, some new enemies will be unlocked. They are all defeated by water and ice. Water and ice will be stored in containers far away from the enemy. Now you connect water pipes to this container to bring ice and water to the enemy location. You have a lot of time to think so plan carefully.

Save the hero and princess

Sometimes, the princess and hero run out of energy and they get very tired. At this point, you need to connect the pipes to guide energy to the princess and hero. Energy is yellow while water is blue, so don't confuse them.