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Parking Rush

Time to test your logical thinking

Parking Rush requires you to park all cars on the screen. In this game, you should avoid the accident to complete the mission. Good luck to you!

There are some cars with different colors on the road. They need to be parked at a suitable parking lot. You can find the colorful parking lots on the screen. They are arranged at random positions. The car park at the parking lot that has the same color as the car. On the way, you also need to keep the car safe. Some collisions can break the car and the game will end. In this game, you will draw some line, then the car will follow this line to reach the parking lot. You can find many different vehicles if you enjoy Shape Shifting on our website.

How to conquer Parking Rush

This game provides many levels with different challenges. You only complete the level when the cars are parked at the right spot. At some levels, you have to play for many times but you may pass them with your effort.

Draw lines 

After you draw enough lines, the car starts moving. Each car needs a line to guide the direction. When you draw the line, you start at the car and end at the suitable parking lot. It's better to think carefully to avoid crashing into other cars. You have to park a maximum of 3 car at once, so  the game is more challenging.

Avoiding accidents

If one car is destroyed, you will fail in this game. Accidents such as crashing other cars, and hitting objects or pavements are very dangerous. They can break your car for a few seconds. Thus, you should draw lines that are far from the pavements or objects on the road. Moreover, be aware of some police cars which can move suddenly.