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Smiling Glass

Test your IQ with this game

Smiling Glass is a puzzle game where you find a way to lead water into a sad glass. When the glass is full of water, it will be happy and you pass a level.

Are you a smart player? If you are a big fan of puzzle games, you can't skip this fun game. You have to solve some puzzles to lead the water into the glass. The water is set far away from the glass, so it takes some minutes to solve this puzzle. You have to observe the water source and glass to determine their position and find the solution. Instead of drawing some lines to lead the water, you just can estimate when the water source comes close to the glass to discharge the water. This game doesn't only require your smartness but you also need to have a quick reflex. You also can practice these skills by playing Crossy Road.

How to complete a level in Smiling Glass

Your mission is to fill the glass full of water. A glass is sad and it's only happy when it is full of water. Each time the water is poured into the glass, the glass's emotion will change.

Fill the glass with water

You need to pour a certain amount of water into the glass. As soon as the water reaches the line at the top of the glass, you can complete a level. The game provides many obstacles such as spikes to prevent you from completing the mission. In this game, you need to discharge the waters and avoid colliding with the spikes. These spikes can make the water disappear. The water source is limited, so you need to save as much water as you can.

Face different challenges

At the first levels, you may find this game easy to play. However, the later levels are increasingly challenging. Many different problems appear that test your IQ and control skills. Besides avoiding the spikes, you also take advantage of some objects to lead the water into the glass.